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Integrative Women's Health Institute

Perimenopause & Menopause Certificate Program

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  • The Perimenopause & Menopause Certificate Program is a comprehensive and curated curriculum that focuses on the special needs of clients going through the menopause transition. You will learn how to help your clients in their 30's through 50's clear the brain fog, relieve the insomnia, have energy all day, have shiny & thick hair, achieve a healthy weight, get their libido back, and enjoy pain free sex again.

    18.38 CEU for IWHI and NBHWC

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  • Module 1: Introduction

    In this introductory module, you’ll learn how to support your clients through this monumental stage of life through a coaching lens no matter what kind of practice you run… clinical, coaching, or something in between.

  • Module 2: Nervous System

    Nervous System, Mood, Headaches - Part 1: Root Cause Screening.

  • Module 3: Metabolic Health and Weight

    Explore causes of weight gain in perimenopause, low estrogen, HPA Axis dysregulation, and more.

  • Module 4: Endocrine and Sexual Health

    Learn about hormone health, a layered approach to sexual health (it's not ALL about hormones), pelvic floor health, vulvovaginal moisture, blood flow and erectile tissue function, and brain nourishment and psychosocial connection to orgasms.

  • Module 5: Energy and Sleep Quality

    Why are we so tired? Learn about leading with coaching, identifying the source of your clients' fatigue and stress, and our layered physiologic approach to energy.

  • Module 6: Bones, Muscles, Skin, and Hair

    Risk factors for osteopenia and osteoprosis. The impact of perimenopausal and menopausal hormone shifts on muscles. Optimizing balance, nutrition, bone, and muscle strength and resilience for longevity.

  • Module 7: Marketing Your Perimenopause / Menopause Practice

    What are the needs of your prospective and current clients? What is the purpose of your practice or program? Who does your program best serve? How do you best serve? What kind of marketing lights you up. Receive guidance on building and executing your marketing plan.

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  • "I’m loving the new IWHI perimenopause / menopause certificate program!
    Thank you Jessica and IWHI team for all your many hours putting together all the brilliant research and interviews for us! This is life changing information – THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
    -- Deidre van Breda, Health Coach