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Integrative Women's Health Institute

Women’s Health Functional Nutrition Certificate Program

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  • The Women's Health Functional Nutrition Certificate Program is a deep dive into the benefits of implementing an integrative and functional nutrition approach into your practitioner toolkit. This program is a curated curriculum of courses where you will gain the confidence you need to address digestive health issues, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, gut microbiome imbalances, and fatigue. If you want to support your clients and patients with an integrative approach, this course is a must for your practitioner toolkit.

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  • Functional Nutrition for Women's Health

    17.67 IWHI and NBHWC CEUs / 19 TPTA / 1.9 CPTA

    This is the foundational course in Functional Nutrition that ALL Women's Health and Wellness Professionals need. This course is perfect for practitioners working with women and girls from puberty to menopause and beyond. Learn the foundational nutrition skills you need to address ALL women's health populations. From period pain to weight loss, hormone issues to heart disease, from heavy periods to menopausal vaginal dryness, you will have the confidence to take an integrative approach with all of your women's health clients. Get this foundational education on digestive, gut microbiome, nervous system, hormone, autoimmune, cardiometabolic health, and more.

  • Module 1: The Functional Nutrition Perspective Applied to Women's Health

  • Module 2: Evidence-Based Sex Differences in The Stress Response

  • Module 3: Optimal Digestive Function in Women

  • Module 4: Optimal Cardiometabolic Health in Women

  • Module 5: Women and The Immune System

  • Module 6: Optimal Hormone Health from Puberty through Menopause

  • Module 7: Functional Nutrition approach to Women with Mood Disorders

  • Module 8: Creating a Health Coaching Practice that Serves Women and Nourishes

  • Bonus: MasterClass - Perimenopause & Brain Health

  • Bonus: Preparation Workbook Given to Live Workshop Attendees, Live Workshop Materials

  • Bonus: Hormones 101

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  • Immune Bundle for Women

    7.13 IWHI and NBHWC CEUs

    Module 1: Immune Support for Women in The Cold and Flu Season

    Module 2: Autoimmune Risks for Women 

    Module 3: Stress, Sleep, and Immunity

    Module 4: Host Resilience

    Module 5: Healer Resilience Plan and The Five Pillars of Healer Resilience

    ​Bonus Module: HPV MasterClass

    Bonus Module: Epstein Barr Virus with guest faculty, Dr. Kasia Kines, Seattle based Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute Virtual clinic serving the US and globally.

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  • Functional Lab Testing

    2.45 IWHI and NBHWC CEUs

    Module 1: CBC, Anemia & Vitamin D3

    Module 2: CMP and Blood Sugar Regulation 

    Module 3: Digestive Function Labs

    Module 4: Stress, Sex and Thyroid Hormones 

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  • Therapeutic Diets that Influence Cancer Masterclass

    with guest faculty, Dr. Nalini Chilkov, respected expert in Collaborative Integrative Cancer Care.

    In this course, join Dr. Drummond and Dr. Nalini Chilkov to discuss nutrition strategies for reducing the risk for cancer and supporting cancer recovery.

  • Heal Your Hunger: Strategies to Recover from Emotional Eating

    with guest faculty, Tricia Nelson, an internationally acclaimed author, transformational speaker, and emotional eating expert.

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  • "The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health course material was extremely interesting – I learned a lot of new concepts, which I can utilize with my patients. The format worked out great and I really appreciated the ability to pose questions and comments in real time – both in the chat box and via mic. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and a receptive/responsive instructor. I love the integrative approach, especially since it’s already the way I approach working with my patients, but I felt the nutritional aspect was a big gap in my knowledge, which this course has started to fill. I’m very much looking forward to taking further courses from the IWHI." -- Kate Fishman, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, RYT