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Integrative Women's Health Institute

Women's Health Coach Certification

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  • The Women's Health Coach Certification Program is the only NBHWC approved health coaching program in the world with a specialization in Women's Health.

    This is the program for you if you would like to become a board certified health coach and build a women's health specialty practice. Women everywhere are searching for your services for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, period issues and pelvic pain, hormonal imbalances, menopause transition symptoms, chronic fatigue, autoimmunity and more!

    This is the program for you to get credentialed to built a thriving women's health practice or get hired as a certified health coach in the booming and growing 15+ billion dollar industries of digital health and integrative lifestyle medicine.

    This is an 18-month program that can be completed online at your own pace. The program has been developed by Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT - a leading women's health expert with two decades of experience building her own 7-figure practice. It includes in-depth training material, your own Master Coach, personalized support and plenty of mentoring opportunities to ensure your lifelong success!

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  • Component 1: Women's Health Coaching Communication Skills

    Health coaching communication skills is the “secret sauce” for patient compliance and empowerment. Yet when it comes to coaching communication, most of us feel unprepared. In many cases, school only ever taught us how to give recommendations - but not how to deal with “real-life” barriers including imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. You will close this knowledge gap with 19 modules focused on health coach communication skills alone. We’re going to cover vision and values, mindful listening, narrative medicine, motivational interviewing, and so much more!

  • Component 2: Health Coaching Skills Practice & Feedback

    You will have the opportunity to attend 3 virtual weekend retreats from the comfort of your home. Inside these exclusive retreats, you get LIVE training on health coaching skills you need to build and scale a successful practice. You will get live demonstrations of health coaching skills along with 6 private sessions to practice your coaching skills with your very own Master Coach.

  • Component 3: Women’s Health Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Skills

    Never before has the Functional Nutrition Model been applied SPECIFICALLY to women in the way you’re going to discover here. In this 40-hour course we’ll be covering the foundation of women’s health! You’ll be taking a deep dive into everything from women’s cardiovascular health to immune health, the nervous system, stress and hormonal health - from puberty and beyond! We’ll also be going far beyond nutrition and will delve into some in-depth study of lifestyle medicine skills. By the end of this component, you’re going to discover strategies to AVOID compassion fatigue and healer burnout.

    Includes Access To: Hormones 101 and Functional Lab Testing

  • Component 4: Business Training

    For over 10 years, Jessica Drummond has built her own women’s health practice, bringing in $40K-100K a month. Inside this Business training, she will be sharing her proprietary business coaching method to build a successful women’s health practice from the ground up. We’re going to cover everything you need to know to build a thriving practice - including legal, tax, accounting, marketing and more! Most practitioners inside the program use these strategies to grow their practice to $10K a month (and often a whole lot more!).

    This component includes all material from our Business Incubator Level 1 Course.

    Please see details below for all modules.

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  • Module 1: Welcome and Introduction to Prospective Clients

  • Module 2: Establishing The Coaching Relationship

  • Module 3: Documentation, Time Management, and Productivity

  • Module 4: Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Coaching

  • Module 5: Health Coaching Models

  • Module 6: Mindfulness and Presence

  • Module 7: Models of Behavior Change and Patient Activation

  • Module 8: Eliciting the Client's Vision and Developing Your Skills of Active Listening

  • Module 9: Establishing The Client's Current Situation & Her Strengths, Challenges, and Resources

  • Module 10: Establishing Clear Long and Short Term Goals

  • Module 11: Overcoming Challenges for Goal Attainment and Health Coaching vs. Clinical Education or Clinical Psychology

  • Module 12: Building Your Practice Referral Network and Red Flags for Referral

  • Module 13: Building Health Coaching Skills

  • Module 14: Accountability in The Coaching Relationship

  • Module 15: Assessing and Supporting Client Progress

  • Module 16: The Importance of Authenticity and Courage for Health Coaches (skills of self-management)

  • Module 17: Maintenance and Post-Coaching Plans

  • Module 18: Behavior Tracking Strategies and Technologies

  • Module 19: The Importance of Professional Development and Building Self-Awareness

  • Three Online Coaching Retreats

  • Six 1-on-1 Practice Coaching Calls with Your Master Coach

  • Opportunity to Practice Coaching Skills in WHC Coaching Calls Twice a Month

  • Oral Coaching Exam

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  • Module 20: The Functional Nutrition Perspective Applied to Women's Health

  • Module 21: Evidence-Based Sex Differences in the Stress Response and Mind-Body Medicine to Reduce Stress in Women

  • Module 22: Optimal Digestive Function in Women

  • Module 23: Optimal Cardiometabolic Health in Women

  • Module 24: Women and The Immune System (Elevated Risk of Autoimmunity)

  • Module 25: Optimal Hormonal Health from Puberty through Menopause

  • Module 26: Functional Nutrition Approach to Women with Mood Disorders

  • Module 27: Creating a Health Coaching Practice that Serves Women and Nourishes YOU.

  • Pre-Program Module: Focus with Susan Clinton

  • Module 1: Assess Your Competition

  • Module 2: Who Is Your Service For?

  • Module 3: Defining Your Niche

  • Module 4: Building Your Brand Identity

  • Module 5: Get Started Building Your Email List

  • Module 6: Create Your Initial Content Marketing Plan

  • Live Q&A Recordings

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  • "I cannot say enough good things about IWHI’s Women’s Health Coach Certification program. It is thorough, informative, evidence-based, practical, and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain.

    As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been dissatisfied with the standard of care for pelvic pain and spent thousands of dollars attending numerous conferences on pelvic pain, pain processing, holistic and integrative medicine, I wish I had started with this program first. I would have saved money and been very well prepared to treat this patient population in a more and evidence-based way. For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied! This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all of your patients."

    -- Dr. Lanniece F. Hall, MD, FACOG, ABIHM

  • "I really loved the Women’s Health Coach Certification program! So much so that I signed up for more courses with IWHI. I’ve taken other health coaching programs but have learned a lot of new material going through the WHC. The program is taught in a way that makes sense, step by step. Each module is very informative and I really loved plugging through one by one. Starting a new module felt like opening up a present. Also, with some online learning that I’ve experienced it seemed as the teacher is reading straight from notes and I had a hard time focusing. Jessica isn’t like that. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. It kept me engaged and interested. Jessica is very personable, knowledgeable and really cares about teaching health coaching. It is so obvious that she is extremely committed and caring! The support I received during the program was wonderful and made me feel almost like “family”. I definitely feel ready now!" -- Katrina Hawes, RMA, FDNP

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